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Who is your least favourite wrestler?

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  • hace 1 mes

    Brock Lesnar for sure. has no passion nor respect for wrestling. just only care about money and fame.

  • hace 1 mes

    John Cena is my least favorite!

  • Y2J and i Do not have one

  • Webbo
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    hace 1 mes

    The entire womens division.

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  • hace 1 mes

    Shawn Michaels is my least favorite wrestler.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin

  • hace 1 mes

    I would have to pick The Undertaker and Michelle McCool. Both very overrated in my smark opinion.

  • hace 2 meses

    Bayley. I honestly see nothing there. I just don't get it.

  • hace 2 meses

    Kurt Angle. Cant stand him. 

  • My least favourite sports entertainers are The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, The Ultimate Warrior and The Rock. They are my least favourites entertainers in another dimension in my filthy mind.

    In the real world, my least favourite entertainers are The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. I don't dislike them as people though, just as performers.

    I'll be honest with you, I don't think there really has ever been a wrestler, that I couldn't stand watching. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm not a hateful young adult. 

    What about you my good lady or gentleman? What sports entertainers have you ever disliked, during your time watching sports entertainment?

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