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Can I play soccer with new tattoos?

I got two new tattoos yesterday, they’re on the backs of my arms so they wouldn’t be rubbing against anything, I plan on wearing long sleeves so they won’t even be exposed to the sun, and I’m not playing with people I’m mostly just gonna be shooting around. If I clean them directly after playing would this be okay? I’ve also asked the artist that did them for clarification, just curious for other opinions. Thanks. 

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  • Anónimo
    hace 2 meses

    Your Q&As are hilarious - I'm printing them out.  Just this year, you've been worried on how long your braids are, about getting a job, and a month ago about getting unemployment.  SO - your bright idea of the week was to spend that money on a tattoo the day before soccer?   hahahahahaah  Years ago there was a newspaper comic strip called "Sad Sack" - everything happened to him/he couldn't do anything right.  


    added:  can only imagine what you would spend a Reparations check on !!!!!

  • kelvin
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    hace 2 meses

    no no you can not

  • hace 2 meses

    The only thing you really should not do, 100% AT ALL after getting tattooed is swimming, in ALL forms. Not even a hot bath, LOL. As long as the material doesn't rub too hard when you're moving your arms and you don't sweat like crazy down the back of your arms (who even does that???), you should be ok. If you feel like the tattoos are getting too painful, hot, and itchy, you should stop, take off the long sleeve, put on a short sleeve or tank top to let them breathe, and call it a day, so take an extra shirt with you in case. 

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