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Computer problems ?

Our computer is at least 8 years old. We just upgraded our fios and the Verizon guy said there would be a chance that the computer wouldn’t connect to the internet. It did connect but only for a week. The guy said we might need to get some attachments to bring the computer up to date. What do we need? Our computer is an HP Pavilion 

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    At 8 years old your computer is getting towards the end of it's life. Most computers only last 8-10 years.

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    I have a bunch of computers older than yours, connecting through ethernet cable or wireless to my router and the modem to the coax internet cable is no problem for most of them.  iMacs, Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win10, Linux all work great with some attention to settings.

    Can do nothing for you from only "Fios" and "Verizon" and "HP Pavilion" and no other details.  Guessing in the dark about what might be keeping you from Internet is pointless.

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    Your Verizon guy is full of bull. My HP pavilion is over that age and still connects just fine. Likely you have a problem with Verizon, not your computer--or the modem, or the router, or the internet service in your area. Unless you have been having trouble with your computer in other ways. 

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    Being 8 years old, the computer is probably running Windows 7 which has reached the end of it's service life. It will be possible to upgrade to Windows 10 if needed but normally it isn't. I still have numerous computers running on Windows 7 without a problem and some are from 2007.

    You probably need to run updates on the system and maybe take it to a repair center to check that all is working as it should. Apart from a WiFi dongle, I doubt you need anything else.

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    When you connected, were there problems with the web pages displaying or working properly?  If so, it could be due to an older web browser.  Older browsers like internet explorer 8 don't work well with modern internet because technology has changed.  Try downloading a more current web browser like Firefox or Chrome and see if that works.  I'd recommend CCleaner free edition to clean up your PC and Registry.

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    It might help to know the specs of your 8 year old PC and the speed of the internet plan that you're paying for. Otherwise I have no idea what the technician was talking about.

    Sometimes the routers and modems that are provided by the ISP are junk and they need to be reset on a weekly or daily basis. let's not forget that 9-10 years ago, budget PC's were coming with 10/100 integrated network cards that are only good for 100Mbps. I have an old HP Pavilion from 2011 that came with a 10/100 integrated network chip but I have a 300Mbps download plan. I added a TP-Link 10/100/1000 PCI-E x1 Network card that works well and now the HP can download at 300Mbps.

    We would need to see the specs of your PC to see what kind of Integrated Network card/LAN it has and then we would need to know what service you're paying for. Not all internet plans are the same and some regions seem to have better Internet plans than others. 

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    My machine is over 10 years old and works like new. Some minor updates are always needed with windows. So I agree with David that it is an configuration issue. What do we mean by configuration? Please check the Driver on your computer  Control Panel >>> Hardware and Sound >> Device Manager >>> Drop down Network Adapters - here you will see it normal or an  ( i believe it was an exclamation mark) saying its not good. Next step would be to check your wiring and router (yes wires sometimes do get bad)... Good Luck

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    The fact that it worked for a week indicates that no updates are needed. My guess is you may have a configuration issue, such as with your router. I have a 7+ year old laptop and it works with FIOS with no problem. If the tech guy says you need some 'attachments' I suggest you ask what he meant. And it's not uncommon to experience problems immediately after an upgrade. Good luck.

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    any Cat-5 [wired] cable connection should work fine as long as the computer has such an input on the back.  If you're using wifi, there are any number of wifi antennas and softwares that plug into USB -- for under $20, too.  check online at favorite vendor.

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