If you only can choice 1 program for earning a bachelor degree from 3 options, which one would you take?

Let say, you are interested in following 3 programs, but you can't make up your mind....

1. Business Administration

2. Anthropology

3. Philosophy

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  • Lisa
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    There are several ways to choose.  

    1) Which one would you enjoy more while you are in the bachelor's degree program? Personally, I would enjoy the philosophy classes the most.  But I don't know if you would enjoy it or not.

    2) Which one would be easiest?  Personally, I would find anthropology classes the easiest, but I don't know if you would find them easy or not.

    3) Which one would be most likely to lead to a good job?  For most people, getting a degree in business administration would be most likely to lead to a good job.  For anthropology or philosophy, you'd probably have to get a PhD and then go into teaching in order to get a good job.  However, if you are not interested in going into business, then a degree in business administration is not a good choice.

    I am 64 years old, and I am not looking for a new career.  If it were me, I'd probably go into the philosophy program.  But if I were still 18?  I'd think strongly about business administration.

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  • hace 1 mes

    What are your interests or plans for future. What's your backup plans? Are you merely choosing from three cuz you gotta?

    Are you doing them for passion or job in future? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    Business Administration will most likely get you a job. With philosophy, you might as well sign up for starvation or low income/minimum wage jobs, and hardly ever utilise your degree.

    Anthro can be good if you manage to break into your field. For that, you need thorough research and backup plans. And you need masters at least for even intern positions.

  • drip
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    hace 2 meses

    Do you want to go to graduate schools?  Anthropology and physiology you will need a masters  or Doctorate degree  to find a job. Do you have the money and time for another 3-6 years of school?

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  • MS
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    hace 2 meses

    It really depends on what you want to do with your life. What kind of job do you see yourself doing, and which degree is likely to best help you with your future plans?

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