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Finishing basement what types of wiring? ?

Ok where finishing our basement gonna be drywall ceiling.  Course i know the electrical wiring but just wondering if theres any other wiring Id want to add.  We only use coax for our internet connection figure I'll put one down stairs just in case. any other wiring that could come in handy 

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    with Wifi working so well these days, running a Cat 5 cable seems pointless.  Sometimes having a 'spare' Romex line that isn't connected to anything now [on either end] comes in handy in the future -- the trick is finding somewhere to put the basement end that's accessible for future use.  And if you're going to do that, make the line 12/3 ... just in case.  [idea: you may end up wanting a dehumidifier down there ... while it doesn't absolutely need a separate circuit ... basements are well known for not having enough circuits.]  -- Grampa

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    Maybe a receptacle in the middle of the ceiling in case you have something odd to plug in.  I have some in my basement ceiling and I use them from time to time.  I have bare walls and didn't want to run conduit all over the place for wall mounted receptacles.

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