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How do you determine if you need a 24 or 26 inch bike just for riding around the neighborhood?

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    The same way you buy a car.  You go to a local, reputable dealer & test drive (ride) a few.  Would you buy a car without a test drive first?  Then why would you buy a bike from a discount store without a test ride first?  You ever wonder why they don't allow test rides before the sale?  Because three of every four big box store bikes fail a basic safety inspection.  They don't steer or brake properly.  Watch the embedded video in this article dated Dec 8, 2019.    And things haven't improved any since then. 

    You determine what size bike you need by going to a bicycle shop, not Walmart or Kmart.  Even little kids at Christmas time know this.       

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    Unless you're 5' tall or less, get a 26.

    A 24 is harder to pedal, because smaller wheels.

    While a 26 - if too tall - you can lower the seat ;)

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    How tall are you? That should determine your size. 

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    The 24 & 26 inches you refer to are TIRE SIZES, not frame sizes.  That's how discount stores (erroneously) measure bikes.  WRONG!  A bike with 24" tires is generally considered a youth for kids.  Are you still a kid?  

    For an example, this bike with 700x38 size tires from Giant (LIV) will work for females ranging in height from 4’10” up to 6’0” because it comes in FOUR different FRAME SIZES.   How do you determine what size bike you need?  By going to a real BICYCLE SHOP & not Target or the dreaded Wally World (Walmart).  1) You can TEST RIDE the bikes before you buy.  2) They're assembled & tuned-up by a certified bike mechanic, not some minimum wage and clueless "associate".  3) You get a FREE after-the-sale "SERVICE WARRANTY".  Discount stores DO NOT service what they sell.  

    Finding a bike shop (or shops) in your area is EASY.  Simply type into Google the words "bicycle shop" along with your 5 digit zip code.  Example: bicycle shop 63304.   Google even supplies a map.  AMAZING!  Support your LBS (local bike shop).  Not some multi-billion dollar corporation.        

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    First you need to know a 24" or 26" frame size is going to be for a person over 6' tall.  You're probably making a common mistake of thinking about wheel size which has nothing to do with frame size.

    Here's a bicycle frame size calculator that can let you know the general area you need in a bicycle frame size for your particular body build.

    Go to a reputable bicycle shop there they can fit you with the correct frame size and adjust the bike to give you maximum comfort. 

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    Inside thigh dimensions determine suitable bike height. There are online guides for this sort of thing. If you are still growing, go up a size.

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