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Should I buy this Used DSLR Camera? Its one issue with it. ?

Seller said this on Facebook Market about Camera : 

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital Camera- I used for years and it has great quality photos. It comes with camera, battery, charger, bag, and EFS 18-55mm lens. I am selling it this cheap because I started running into issues with the memory card slot. It would tell me that the card needed formatting but it would not resolve by formatting. I would recommend if you purchase to have it looked at by an expert. I was due for an upgrade so I did not pursue fixing the issue. I have included photos of the error message.  

Would this be worth buying for 80 bucks. I'm a first time camera buyer. Do you think this camera could be fixed or is it not worth it. And what other questions should I ask?

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    Not worth buying because if the camera cannot write to the memory card, then it cannot take pictures. If the camera says the card needs formatting then it cannot read or write from the card.  The Rebel series also uses a pentamirror instead of a pentaprism in the viewfinder so you get a dimmer viewfinder than the 10D-90D series. You are better off buying a 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, etc. Make sure there is no issue with the camera body because any repair would cost more than the camera is worth. 

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    Offer him 30, the battery, charger, lens and case could be worth that. Then look for a body compatible with the battery.

    Or dont bother, because the camera cant be fixed.

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    Not worth the money if it cannot store photos on media.

    If you must buy second-hand then look at sites like

  • Andrew
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    Camera for sale.  One small issue, can't take photos.

    Leave it for someone who can't spell Canon.

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  • keerok
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    Nope, Not worth it. If you bring that to Canon, they'd tell you to buy a new dSLR instead. 

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    A T3 in excellent condition sells for about $100~$115 without a lens.

    The repair cost associated with the T3 and the stated problem is likely to be about $100~$150, so I'd avoid it.

    The 18-55mm kit lens can be gotten for about $50.  It's not all that great of a lens, so another reason to pass on this deal.

    Go to and get yourself a used camera. checks their gear out prior to selling it and provides a 6-month warranty.

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    I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole! The T3 is a very basic, entry level camera, and if it has been "used for years" then it may very well also be getting close to the point where the shutter mechanism is beyond it's rated lifespan. $80 is not cheap when you may end up spending a LOT more to get it functioning again.

    I suggest you visit the KEH website for any used camera gear. They are a long time, well established used camera dealer and they are fair and accurate with their condition ratings. I have bought many items from them with no problems.

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