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Why do sporting events always have people getting into fights and problems with others?

There have always been incidents in sporting events where people adults get into fights. like the parents of a kid on the team gets into a fight with the parent of another kid in real life, tv shows, movies everywhere. Like there's been more than on incident where the parent of a kid on the team tell another parent their kid in terms sucks and gets into a huge fight. Why are there even sports?

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  • They don't "always" happen.  I've been to well over 1,000 NHL games and I've seen less than 20 fights in the stands (always due to someone being over-served with alcohol), and enough other games in other sports to fill a binder with all of the ticket stubs.

    You understand that movies and TV shows are...FICTIONAL.I've also been to upwards of 100 concerts (much more violent in terms of rate of incidents).  So why concerts?I've been to enough bars and have seen way too many bar fights.  So why bars?Why do the Yanks always get into fights on Black Friday to buy some low-priced "thing"?  Why not ban that while you're at it?While you're at it, why are there always mass brawls at theme parks because someone cut the line or some other stupid thing?  Why theme parks?Why do racist White American women act the way they do around people of colour threatening to call the police or use racial slurs because something bothers their delicate sensitivities.But sure, blame sports.

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