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Cardiac Arrest during Dialysis - Legal Action?

My mothers body was flooded with fluid and she has CHF. She took dialysis knowing she needed to be started slow. She had about 25 pounds of fluid and should have received continuous dialysis from the very beginning and this could have been avoided She was inpatient in a hospital receiving dialysis and even told them her heart could only tolerate 2 hours.

She suffered cardiac arrest and after 10 minutes was saved. She is stable now, but when she is able to talk, I want to take legal action against the hospital. What if they do this to someone else?

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  • Rick B
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    hace 2 meses


    Where did you and your mom get your medical degrees??? If someone is severely fluid overloaded, we take fluid off. No idea why she felt her "heart could only handle two hours". There are risks with HD. I attend A LOT of codes in our dialysis unit.

    There is no legal action to take based on what you have posted here. Your mom is lucky to be alive.

    We don't do continuous dialysis (CRRT) unless the patient is hemodynamically unstable (on pressors) and unable to tolerate HD without severe BP issues.

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    Talk to an attorney, but based on this my guess is you have no case. Malpractice suits are usually reserved for cases of gross negligence-- someone is given a drug it's noted they were allergic to or gets the wrong leg amputated. You don't even know exactly what caused your mother's heart attack and are only speculating her care was negligent. That's the first thing a malpractice lawyer would need to know. So you'd first need to get her medical records reviewed by a nephrologist... which of course, you'll have to pay for.

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    You need to talk to a malpractice attorney, it's the right professional that can help you to find out if you really have a case here but you need to know that proving a malpractice case is really really difficult. 

    Also, cardiac arrest during dialysis is not uncommon nor unheard of. Someone who needs dialysis is someone really sick who is not stable enough and cardiac arrest is a well known risk  of dialysis. Doesn't mean dialysis is "bad" but an aggressive procedure that although needs to be done, can also cause damage or even death. Surely when doctors put your mom on dialysis explained the risks to you.

    Talk to a malpractice attorney but I doubt you have a case.

    Fuente(s): I'm a RD that works w cancer patients
  • Pearl
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    hace 2 meses

    you could try talking to a lawyer about it

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  • Andy C
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    hace 2 meses

    You need proof that they mistakenly put her on the wrong treatment.   Physical proof, like an expert doctor's opinion  and/or paperwork. 

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