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What career path is best suited around these interests?

My biggest goal in life is to be able to work with the arts but also help people with mental illness. I want to build a community where I can help artists who do not have resources get the connections they need while also providing affordable mental health services to those who could not afford to pay for a traditional psychologist. I want to be able to open my own place where I can do all of this stuff however, I don't know where I should start. What would be a good path to take? I'm only a senior in high school right now and i'm starting University this fall. I decided to major in art but I'm scared I could be making a mistake. I just want to achieve this goal of mines by any means possible while also being knowledgeable.

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  • Art is a good major. There are also degrees available in Nonprofit Marketing amongst others in that field. That would be a killer double major. Then you could either set up your own nonprofit organization or work for one that is doing what you are interested in doing or is malleable enough to get there.

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    Something where you can make a lot of money, to afford to do all this.  good luck.

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    I think public administration or art therapy are good careers paths

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    In other words, you dont want to work. Join the millions.

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