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Is this lens compatible with 5d Mark IV?

Can someone please tell me if this lens is compatible with the Canon 5D Mark IV? I currently have it on a Canon Rebel t5i, it's a EF 50mm 1:8. Whenever I google it I keep seeing "50mm 1.8 STM" and I'm not sure what that means, if it's a different lens or if it's the one I have? I'm not seeing "STM" anywhere on the lens. Please forgive my ignorance, I'm still learning! Thank you!

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  • Sumi
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    Canon has three types of auto focus motors: standard, ultrasonic and STM.  STM motors are better for making videos since they produce less noise.

    All Canon lenses that are ultrasonic or STM will always state so because it's a big selling point.  Any and all lenses that do not have "ultrasonic" or "STM" printed on them have the cheaper, louder, and slower standard AF motor.

    All EF lenses will fit on any Canon SLR or DSLR.  Canon's EF-S lenses will only be able to be mounted and used on an APS-C format camera.

    The 50mm in your post will work perfectly fine with any DSLR including the 5D Mark IV.

  • Anónimo
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    Yes. Canon states that all Canon EF mount lenses made by Canon will work on all Canon EOS cameras, including the 5DMkIV. That means even the oldest ones from the 1980s will work.  The EF-S mount lenses won't work because they do not cover the entire Full Frame image circle and because their rear end sticks out too far into the camera body and it gets in the way of the reflex mirror. Some older independent lens makers lenses, especially those made by Sigma, won't work because Canon designed their new cameras so that they will shut down if those lenses are mounted and detected. The reason is that Sigma did not pay Canon a license fee to make lenses in Canon mount. Later Sigma lenses, such as those made now, will work because Sigma redesigned the computer chip inside the lenses to make sure they won't trigger an error message.

  • keerok
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    Yes it is compatible. EF is for 35mm film SLRs and full-frame dSLRs like the 5D. 

    Avoid EF-S lenses. Those are built for crop sensor dSLRs. They won't fill up the full-frame sensor and produce images that are small with large dark ugly borders.STM refers to the built-in stepper motor in the lens for autofocusing. This is Canon's version of fast and quiet focusing mechanisms. The older version is USM for ultra sonic motor which wasn't as quiet as STM.

  • hace 1 mes

    Yes.  EF lenses are compatible with both, but EF-S lenses cannot be used with the 5D and might damage it.  I believe this is the lens you are looking at: STM is a newer model and you can see the comparisons online.  Both are good lenses.

    Note that because the sensor sizes are different, the image sizes will be different between the two cameras as will the depth of field.The 5D has a "full frame" sensor that mimics the size of an 35mm film camera frame.  A 50mm lens on the 5D looks like the same as a 50mm lens on a 35mm film camera and will not appear to have any magnification.  Your Rebel has a smaller APS-C sensor the crops the image and makes it look zoomed by 1.6x.  A 50mm lens on a Rebel will have a slight zoom and will look comparable to an 80mm lens on the 5D.

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  • hace 1 mes

    STM just means that the lens uses a stepper motor to focus.  So far as I know (I'm not a Canon user) it should work on the 5D.

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