Heart Palpitations?

I should probably know this with me starting nursing classes lol. But the other day I was roller skating this trail and the trail is about 5-10 minutes walking (depending on how fast you walk or run) but with me on skates it's about 3 minutes 2 1/2 with no breaks. I skated that trail back and forth with no break and I was tired as hell and my heart was beating fast but that's normal. I then took about a 10-12 minute break after because I was sweating like crazy and felt like I was going to pass out.

After the 10 minutes I went skating again but it was only about a minute or two and my heart started beating like crazy. I was scared because I skated for 6 minutes and it didn't beat like that.

I was confused because after about 10 minutes just sitting down and drinking water I should have been fine.

I really just want to know, should I see my doctor about this. Back in September when I was getting my physical for nursing school she did say that she heard a hear murmur but she didn't think it was anything serious. I'm 20 and I work out doing crunches and sit ups and burpees and other exercises along with skating and I don't know if I should be concerned.

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    Hi there! So my first question for you is do you have anxiety/anxiety disorder?? I have an anxiety disorder and I also get panic attacks. During a panic attack the heart can race up to 150-200 beats per minute. If you did just fine skating and usually do with no issues, then my thought is that there's a good chance it's anxiety. If you felt very sweaty and terrified, that's a panic attack. If it went away after 10-15 minutes and you felt better and less panic , then that's a panic attack. I would go back to the doctor just to get checked out again. Tell her if you think it's anxiety. Since you're only 20, there's little to no chance that you have any heart problems unless you were born with a problem. A murmur is usually harmless. Anxiety and panic attacks are harmless they just sometimes FEEL dangerous. I hope I helped and good luck to you!! 

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    Hi, I have had them since I was ten. I am 25 and they are pretty scary. They always occurred when I wasn't taken care of myself due to not eating, stress, anxiety.

    Now, when I get them I know its time too eat and sleep more but its always safe to get checked out by a doctor. 

  • k w
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    nursing class would never tell you why, cuz it need to line up with what a doctor would provide. you're just low in minerals, bet the doctor sez different, cuz the doctor needs to pay for medical school. I asked moms doctor if it was true, that the protocols doctors use to treat patients with are written to maximize profits, and he admitted they were....you can take ionic minerals, and watch them not come back, or do whatever you think you should do......

  • hace 2 meses

    Yes you need a holter. Quit trying to diagnose this.  A new onset murmur may not be normal either, so yes, worth a rule out

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  • Andy C
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    hace 2 meses

    If it goes away in a week or so,  it's likely viral. 

    If it persists or gets worse,  see a doctor 

  • hace 2 meses

    I'm really not trying to go into public spaces because of the virus but do you think I should go in to get my heart checked or anything. 

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