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Question about when a toaster dies?

I had a 2 slot toaster as its all I needed. A few days ago it died.

My question is if it would have been a 4 slot is it possible that only 2 would have died?

A 4 is only a few dollars more. Should I get a 4 slot one or not?  


most misunderstand my question. If half my old toaster still worked, I would not need to buy a new one.

Actualización 2:

I got the walmart mainstays 4 slice toaster today. First I ran each 3 cycles to get rid of the plastic smell that I read about on many toaster reviews no matter the brand. And I just made toast. Set it around 2.5 and it was not quite enough so another 20 seconds and its fine. Move even than my older cheaper one.

They do not have anymore nationally but a local store seems to have 1-2 in stock. I had mine shipped with other stuff for $16.88.  So far, so good. I don't see any reason to return it.

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  • Shadow
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    When a toaster dies, it dies. Unless it has separate switches (lever on the side to lower toast and activate elements) then if one element breaks or dies, the other will die too.

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    IT is possible that only some of the lots would have died out. I once bought a one  slot T-FAL toaster. The thing quit right after one year (the length of the warranty). Toasters are kind of silly. You could get a toaster oven instead. They are far more reliable and much more versatile.

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    Get a 4 slice. You might want to make toast for more than just yourself.

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    Four-slot toasters are usually made as two two-slot toasters in one housing. 


    Buy a four-slot ONLY if you want to toast more than two slices at a time. 


    I recommend finding a good working 50-or-more-year-old toaster 

    so that it has a chance of lasting more than ten minutes under actual-use conditions. 


    I haopen to own an old 1-slot toaster. I never knew there were such things until I found that one at an estate sale. 

  • M.
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    We simply dont know what you might have bought? 

    A toaster is a rather simple device. 

    The plug on the cord might be the problem. 

    The cord might be the problem. 

    The switch may be the problem. 

    The nichrome ribbon heating wire may have broken. 

    Personally, I would take the cover off and find the problem. 

    Is it a recently made Asian (Chinese) manufactured toaster? 

    Everything that is Asian (Chinese) made that I ever bought has failed prematurely. 

    I'm still using my 50+ year old American made 2-slot toaster. 

    I've never had a non-American made toaster apart. 

    I don't know how they're constructed. 

    I always want to know WHAT failed and WHY it failed. 

    I don't know what else to tell you. 

    My grandparents USA electric kitchen wall clock just broke in 2019.  It was a wedding gift in 1923!  That makes it 96 years old!!  That's what American made quality used to be.

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    The answer depends upon how the toaster works.

    Some 4-slice models operate all 4 slots together. Most seem to operate them as

    2 independent pairs. A few operate each slot independently.

    But if the failure is to one of the parts common to all slots such as a failed power supply (could simply be a fuse) or if the browning level control fails (often common to all slots), or if something catches fire inside the toaster then you lose the entire toaster.

    Toasters are generally simple devices and they sometimes last decades. But the thermal and mechanical shocks they undergo whilst in operation can have an effect on the two “spare” slots as well. 

    What is certain is that a decent quality 4 slice toaster should cost quite a lot more than “a few dollars more” than a decent quality 4-slice model. It’s only the really basic models which toast unevenly and which tend to fail not long after the warranty fails which cost “a few dollars more” for the 4-slice variant. 

    If you genuinely don’t need a 4-slice model then stick to a 2-slice model. Maybe spend more for a good quality model which lasts longer and which has spare parts support and toasts things far more evenly and consistently?

  • Anónimo
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    If you find yourself wishing you had four slots while you are making toast, then a four-slot toaster might be worthwhile. But if you only want the extra slots so you have a spare set, then not only do you eliminate a lot of good toasters in favor of a few mediocre ones, when half the toaster dies you're going to be looking at quite possibly *years* of hating your toast because it came out of a half-broken toaster. That would be sad. Don't be sad.

  • WayneH
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    Your alter ego might want two slices.  Get the four slice unit.

  • Anónimo
    hace 2 meses

    Just by a new one, it's not expensive

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