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Cars ride, boats sail, planes fly, what do trains do?

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  • hace 2 semanas

    Trains keep a-rollin' all night ;ong.

  • hace 3 semanas
  • Anónimo
    hace 4 semanas

    "ride the rails". No reason that cars & trains ride, the difference being cars ride the roads, or off road but never "on the rails".

  • hace 1 mes

    They used to steam.  Now they motor, and a few "glide" on magnetic levitation.

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  • hace 1 mes

    They chew.     "Chew-chew"   

  • hace 1 mes

    Ride the rails, just as I did to your Mom last night 

  • CB
    Lv 7
    hace 1 mes

    Roll on rails...

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