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I'm female and I find breastfeeding weird?

I know theres a big #normalizebreastfeeding movement right now and I understand that breast milk is amazing in terms of nutrients and I don't judge those who do it. My best friend just had a baby and she breast feeds.

I try to get past the sexual image they have and its hard to. I just find it weird that a baby would suck on them.....weirds me out lol. I know this is a huge thing for women and I am trying to be more open minded but I'm one of those people who kind of think they should cover up and not just have their nipples hanging out. :/

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    I also felt weird about breastfeeding I did not do it and my girls were all fine. Slept through the night healthy and happy. Its your body and your choice you don't have to explain to anyone why you don't breastfeed or don't want to. I learned to ignore it because my babies were very healthy 

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    I can relate. Sure, I won't make them feel **** about it, but i would prefer if they were more private outside of their homes.

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    I raised three children and breast fed each one.  There is NOTHING sexual about it at all...........just a necessity for the baby.  When in public - I ALWAYS covered myself and the baby.  Once you get married and give birth - then you will appreciate the most natural and beneficial way to feed your newborn.

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    Did you bunk out of biology classes at school? If you attended, you would have learnt that humans are mammals,  and each species of mammal produces the optimum milk for their  babies.   Baby  mammals , including human ones have an instinct to suck because  it's the way they feed.  It's weird that you think a baby would have inhibitions about sucking their mother's breast. Or that a baby would have any inhibitions at all.

    You talk about the movement to normalize breastfeeding. If  when talking about infant feeding, we  talked about HUMAN milk instead of breast milk  - would you feel different?

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    Honey, breastfeeding has been "normalized" for decades -- indeed, centuries and millennia.  Although there was a brief period in the 20th century when formula was touted as more scientific, that was VERY brief.  For most of human history, women have breastfed, and it's been regarded as entirely normal.

    For the past several decades, doctors have strongly recommended breastfeeding as best and healthiest for baby. This is not some new phenomenon.

    All mammals breastfeed, and human beings are mammals. Moreover, the primary purpose of breasts is feeding young. The sexual aspect is entirely secondary.

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    Do you have a question?   You didn't actually ask one.

    No one believes you are an adult woman.

    You are a thirteen year old boy.   Or a 40 year old fat, balding sweaty perv.

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    The fact that you see them as primarily sexual is exactly why #normalizebreastfeeding exists. Breasts are a secondary sex characteristic, but they are not sexualized in all human cultures. They are however in EVERY human culture used to feed babies.

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    you have lived with technology for so long you have forgotten or never knew what its like to be human.  think about that and you will realize my meaning

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    So then don't do it? but I don't understand why you think it's strange when it's completely natural and breasts are built for breastfeeding.

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