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Do songs in different languages gets redone in English ?


Like O-zone dragostea din tei the song was originally in Romain but it got redone in English 

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    Yes yes...........

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    Sometimes but it's not that usual.  The Swedish band Kent went through a phase of releasing both Swedish and English editions of their albums.  The English versions were never quite as good because although Swedes tend to have good English they're not native speakers so all the layers of meaning in the Swedish songs weren't present in the English and some phrases were very strange.  

    The funny thing is that very soon they got bored trying to replicate a song exactly and actually rewrote to fit the music.  Since I don't like to hear singing in English with a bad accent I didn't listen to those versions until comments in English started showing up under the Swedish version that didn't match the lyrics, like under "Musik Non stop" Emo types writing that they wanted to die listening to this song by slitting their wrists.  In Swedish it's a really happy song about falling in love with someone on your wavelength, but in English it's completely different in tone and really dark!

    Another not good example has to go to Matmatah turning the poignent "La Cerise" into the laughable "the Cherry on the Cake."  I think it's better when native speakers stick to their own language ir at least they should let and English-speaking poet translate their lyrics so that they carry the meaning across.

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    The word is "get", not "gets". Songs are translated to other languages, not redone. Many popular songs are translated to English and other languages.

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    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Sometimes they're recorded in English and not in the language that the artist actually speaks (although this doesn't happen nearly so much these days at it did in the past)

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    Popular ones.



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