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What can I listen to to get to know Mahler's music better?

I'm very into Mahler's 2nd and 5th Symphonies (although honestly the 1st kind of gets on my nerves because I can't not think of the children's version of Frére Jacques and it's too annoying).  Yet getting to really know Mahler seems almost daunting with so many different and quite long pieces to listen to!  Please recommend to me how to go about it.  I know the 8th is a must but haven't really gotten to know it well and I really really love Ulricth

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    Listen to Gustav Dudamel's recording of Mahler 1.  It's my favorite symphony!  The only other Mahler symphony I like is #6. But I am not that much of an expert.

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    hello. You can go to yotuibe and listen to Herbert von Karajan or Abbado's versions. Simon Rattle's versions should have better audio qualities. yotube music or idago app on handphones may have them too.

    Almost all of Mahler's symphonies are epic. They are worth many listens.

    You can go to a music library and borrow Mahler's biography or google for it.

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    Start with Mahler songs. There are many, and there is much to learn and appreciate - in a short time obligation. Download the score - IMSLP is one good location.  Follow along as you listen.  I have even performed some is these as a flutist with piano - they speak without words.

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