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Hot Springs bath houses?

We are taking a family vacation to  Hot Springs, AK soon.  Do people actually go to the "bath houses" there?  Is it sort of like an indoor swimming pool?  Are they family friendly?  Any recommendations?  Thanks!


In searching, it looks like most of them are more like spas.  Is that correct?

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    Spa, resort BATH HOUSE. Same building just different names.

    YES people still go. Suggest you call ahead and check on any special covid 19 changes you need to be aware of.

      Do people actually go to the "bath houses" there? YES

     Is it sort of like an indoor swimming pool? Some are.

    Are they family friendly?  YES

     Any recommendations?  THIS YEAR stay close to home.

    Hot plunge in mineral waters, massages etc. Call it a spa if you want.

    Lots of Hot Springs around. Some are more commercial than others.

    Winter outdoors with a light snow all around is a special experience.

    The special ones you hike to and carry your garbage out.

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    Call one of the hotels and they might tell you.

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