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Don't you find it strange that everybody who took ADHD medications as children now have depression and anxiety as adults?

I was on Ritalin at 7 years old and now I have anxiety and depression and I was connecting the dots as to why I have anxiety and depression. Every adult in my life around my age who has anxiety and depression said that they took ADHD medication as children. My siblings told me that the medication turned me into a zombie like I wasn't as full of life or energetic once I started taking that medication. Ive always questioned how legit ADHD is. Everybody I know who has been diagnosed with ADHD and took the medication, it was their schools that referred them to a psychologist to evaluate them for ADHD. So from my understanding ADHD is only a problem in school, so doesn't that say something about the school and the teachers? The traditional classroom setting just doesn't work for every student. Is ADHD even real? Do you think its pretty radical to put a child on a medication that can effects their brain? Putting a child on a medication like that is the equivalence of having a child drink alcohol or smoke weed or do heroin or meth. I'm just speculating the cause of my mental health problems.

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    I hated school until I got to college. It was always the most boring experience of my life. I spent almost as much time sitting in the hall as I did in class in 6th and 7th grade because the boredom forced me to act like a clown. Luckily, in the late 70's, I was never diagnosed with a fantasy mental condition and force fed medication. It's a crime to give children drugs for an ailment that doesn't exist.

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    ADHD is side effect of wrong food

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    Adhd is real. And medication is most likely not the reason for mental health issues. People with ADHD often do suffer with other mental issues not due to the medication they took though. It has a very negative effect on the way you view yourself and things along that line. Medication also isn’t like giving your child weed or meth. Medication is safe they wouldn't be giving it out otherwise. I also hope you know that ADHD is not just a school issue it affects every part of your life. I hope this had cleared some stuff up for you.

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    This also applies to 13 year old children who drank alcohol at a young age.

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    I think it is a possible late effect...makes you a long term user of meditation - you generate profit to the medical holocaust industry. 

    This link could be interesting to you.

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    Everybody? Citation needed.

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    no, i dont think thats strange

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