I just bought an electric violin and I'm a beginner to anything musical, can you please tell me what I need to get it making noise?

Hi dear, so my electric violin came with a bow, some rosin and a pair of cheap headphones. I put a 9V battery in it, plugged in the headphones, turned the switch to on and moved the bow across the strings. However it didn't make any noise in the headphones. I have no idea what I'm doing lol I'm wondering if the violin is broken. Because the light is not coming on next to the "on" button. Or maybe I'm supposed to have the headphones plugged into an amp and not directly into the violin, though that makes no sense because by one of the plug in ports it says "phone." Anyways am I missing something to start playing? I thought if I plugged in headphones and put in a battery I'd hear sound when I moved the bow across the strings. Please correct me if I'm wrong I would love the help. Thanks in advance for your answers. 

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    You need to draw the bow back and fore in the rosin a lot.   Once this  is done properly the first time, it will only need a few strokes to brush it up  when you play in future,  but yes.  Without rosin your bow will be 'silent'.

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    A violin bow will not make the violin string vibrate if there is no rosin on it. 

    You can pluck a string with your fingernail to produce acoustic sound, that your ear can hear. Have you tried that?

    It's new?

    And the reason that you can't contact the seller or manufacturer is? 

    I personally never heard of an "electric" string instrument being able to power headphones directly, but I also never heard of an electric string instrument that needs a battery. 

    Why have you not identified your instrument by manufacturer and model, so we can look at it online? 

    Did the headphones come with it or are they headphones from your smartphone or computer or something else?? 

    You have not given us any useful information to help you. 

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    Does it make a sound acoustically, without headphones? If not, have you put rosin on the bow?

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  • hace 2 meses

    No instructions included?   


    Why not take it to a local music store and get in-person help?   

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    Is there a place in the violin to put a battery like a 9 volt battery.  I have a bass guitar and it doesnt work even when plugged into an amp unless it has a 9volt battery in it. 

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