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Question for people with knowledge about ballet?

Hello! So to start off, I have a past in figure skating and started at 12, progressing very quickly. Because of a small injury and busy schoolwork I didn’t return. However, I took a ballet class toward the end of my figure skating and LOVED it. I am now 15, and have the free time to join a beginner ballet class. I found a teenage beginner class. Just out of curiosity, I am wondering how far my learning of ballet could go? Might I ever do very small, local shows(not big enough to expect any income) Or maybe teach ballet? I have always loved dancing. But from people who know ballet—what might be in my realm of possibility to do? If I end up just doing ballet classes for fun, I’m still okay with that too. I’m just curious because I truly do love dancing very much. 

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    If you school puts on recitals you may be able to be part of that. 

    Sadly there are no actual requirements in order to  teach ballet. Anyone with little or poor training can teach it. Hopefully you have a good teacher. And also hopefully you don’t want to become a poor teacher either. You will have to up your game in terms of the amount of classes you take. Taking a single class a week won’t get you far although it may be fine for just recreation. To see any real improvement a minimum of three classes a week would be required. Anything under 15 hours a week in technique ballet classes is considered recreational training. If teaching is your goal, consider training in and eventually getting certified to teach recreational ballet in one of the graded ballet syllabuses like RAD. There you will have a minimum  standard in regards to teaching and training. Any good ballet teacher not only knows ballet pedagogy but has a good working knowledge of dance kinesiology 

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