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Ambulance guy was asking a ER patient his SSN. Why?

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    So if you don't pay the bill they can turn you over to a collection agency......tracking you by your social security do not have to give your SS# to any medical facility.

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    That sounds shady to me

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    If the patient is on welfare, then the costs associated with emergency ambulance services is covered by the government. 

    The SSN (or equivalent where the terminology may be different) is used to properly invoice the government agency which pays for healthcare. 

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  • hace 2 meses

    They need it for insurance purposes.

  • hace 2 meses

    cause so they can get his medical info

  • hace 2 meses

    Somebody has to pay for the ride in the wee-yoo wagon.

  • hace 2 meses

    It could be three things, that I can think of.

    1.  They test accident victims just like they test football players when they've been knocked down.  They ask them things like "What day is today?"  "Who's president of the US?"  I'm not sure what the test does, exactly, but I've seen people give wrong answers!  The EMT might have been determining if the guy's brain was working.

    2.  The EMT may have been using the guy's SSN to identify him.  Not long ago (not today but it's only been a few months) your SSN number was your Medicare number.  Today there's a different number they give you, and they mailed everyone a new card.  So if this happened a few months ago, that could be it.

    3.  The EMT was trying to steal the guy's identity and buy a lot of stuff on the Internet while his victim was in the hospital.

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