Can I make a reservation at the post office to get my passport renewed?

Can I make a reservation to have my Passport renewed ?

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  • MS
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    hace 5 meses

    You can call and find out.  Not all post offices provide this service, and not all are providing it now.  Some require appointments and some do not.

  • alan P
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    hace 6 meses

    It would be helpful if you said what country you are living in

  • hace 6 meses

    Some post offices require reservation; others don't. It depends on how busy they are. I know people who have driven to a smaller town where they didn't need a reservation. Check with your local post office. 

  • ?
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    hace 6 meses

    According to their website, the state department is not renewing any passports at present, unless it's an emergency.

    You can still submit an application for renewal including the mandatory fees; they will process your payment, but hold your application until such time as they start resuming passport renewals. Renewals will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    You need to contact your post office to see if they'll accept your application; or, you could simply mail it in.

    You should really read the Travel.State.Gov website:

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