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What is your favorite version of Jambalaya?


Dish, not song.

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  • Anton
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    hace 5 meses
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    Mine.  It was someone's recipe, and adjusted it to be more better.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 5 meses

    Jambalaya? Is that like an African song?

  • hace 5 meses

    During the presidency of Gerald Ford, I was working in Carville Louisiana, consulting with the National Leprosarium. I met a genial guy named Vincent Comeau whose side gig was selling Jumbalia from a huge cast iron pot. He was kind enough to share his recipe and I still use it. I believe that Jumbalia is a Cajun interpretation of paella. They didn't have saffron, so they produced yellow rice by letting fund from sausage form on the bottom of a pan, then deglazing it with onion to add a yellow hue to the dish. As a people, Cajuns are adaptable to using available meats to construct Jumbalia. I joined the Christmas lunch of the State Central Accounting unit and the entree was Jumbilia with rabbit, squirrel, and andouille.. It was, of course, wonderful.

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