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Diarrhea tips? ?


Stomach cramps ✔️

Any tips? I took Pepto already any other things that can help like home remedy? FYI it's almost 1am where I live. 

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    Imodium (loperamide) is better for diarrhea than Pepto Bismol. Bananas (which have a lot of potassium) might help. Eat half a banana and see what happens. Then eat the other half and see how you do.  

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    take two capsules of Imodium

    also take in the morning Buscopan

    for stomach cramps

    then you need a course of metronidazole

    and antibiotics for 5 days

    take a soft diet like quaker oats for 3 days

    with a banana

    Edit: you will also need to take

    Domperidone 10mg twice a day

    to restore the motility of the gut

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