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What would your solution to make police more accountable while still respecting their due process right be?


Thanks to everyone for their thoughts.  I tried to give a little feedback to further the conversation, but I love and respect that we didn't get a single troll answer at the time I picked best answer. 

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    More responsible supervisors. Stop sweeping chronic misbehavior under the carpet. Stop asking the police to solve domestic disputes and mental health issues. Enable the courts to get chronic violent offenders off the streets! Stop sending non-violent and status offenders to jail.

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    Speedy trial by jury of your peers within 120 days of your arrest no plea bargains! During the time you are in jail the state must pay your bills your car payment your house payment etc. All crimes that are non-sexual in nature Shaw have a financial sentence as an alternative to jail no more then three years of a person's working wage. And any person accused of a crime gets a lawyer at the current Fair lawyer rate not bare minimum enough to say that he has a lawyer. If a person is injured or killed before he is proven guilty in a court of law the law enforcement must pay immediately to the survivors of that person the same thing that the officers get when one of them is killed in the line of duty 30,000 cash dollars paid directly to the family within 24 hours.

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    oh, i like the body cams.  of course, i'd also like to have 25 percent more officers in each city ... so they don't seem so outnumbered.  but, i guess the folk don't want to pay the required higher taxes, do they?

  • Pacna
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    Privatize them. Being a government monopoly they have no incentive to hold anyone accountable. Why would they care? It's not like people will stop hiring them or something.

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  • Anónimo
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    Have people hired who routinely review their cam footage and flag anyone who seems to have a pattern of using an excessive level of force beyond what was unnecessary in a given situation/interaction? 

    Then have higher level people, supervisors or whatnot, review the footage and determine if an office needs additional training or removal from service.

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    1.  Make rules limiting ways in which police can abuse their powers.  Like peremptory executions, excessive use of force, response out of proportion to the situation.  Of course these rules must be the same for blacks as for whites.

    2.  ENFORCE those rules!  Accusations of police over-reach may not all be true (they probably aren't!)  But they should be looked into by some disinterested third party, NOT the police themselves.

    Doesn't that sound simple?  Why have we never been able to do that?

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    Make them work under the same rules as you and I. This would be a good thing for the many good cops who don't feel like they can speak up. As things are currently arranged, it's next to impossible to prosecute or sue a bad cop, just as pedophile priests were almost impossible to prosecute a few years ago. Cops are supposed to be professionals. It makes no sense that we make them LESS accountable than the rest of us are. It's their job to uphold the law, so responsibility needs to start with them. 

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    By making them accountable to a civilian review board, legally liable and subject to lawsuits, having them on a national registry of disciplined police if found guilty of abuse of authority so they could not escape consequences by changing jurisdictions.  

    UPDATE: Also make the department and city also liable to be sued separately so they have an incentive to not keep bad cops around.

     Lots of ideas are being voiced now.  

  • Jerome
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    Make them personally responsible for their mistakes.

    Means docking their pay and a civilian review board AFTER EVERY CONTESTED SHOOTING.

    Shape up or ship out.

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