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Can anyone explain to me, what I perceive as a double standard on valuing lives in USA?


This is a country that has draconian anti-abortion laws because "every life matters", yet has the highest death toll worldwide from Covid-19.

And takes no action to reduce shooting massacres in schools.

And seemingly allows police to kill suspects, based on the colour of their skin.

Actualización 2:

I should note, I do NOT  live in the USA and am trying to understand based on news reports.

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    If I were to sum it up in one sentence, I would say it’s because Americans are stubborn, both in good ways and bad (in this case, bad)

    Racism is engrained in America’s history because of our roots in slavery. Several white people in America are raised without knowing about the injustices that happen to minorities in this country, and grow up continuing to think that nothing is wrong. Often times, people like these grow up to become conservative.

    Conservative ideals tend to be selfish and don’t consider the consequences of their actions. For example, making abortion legal wouldn’t force pro-life people to have abortions — it would offer safe abortions to those who needed them.

    With the COVID-19 crisis, conservative people don’t want to be stuck inside, but don’t realize that by going outside without taking proper precautions, they’re increasing their chances of spreading COVID-19.

    A good resource to look into regarding COVID-19 in America is the Spanish Flu epidemic of the early 1900s, which had a similar effect on the country.

    Hopefully this makes sense, it’s sorta late at night and I’m on mobile lol.

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