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if put a bigger hard drive in your computer , will it make it faster? (if are over 75 percent full)?

i was thinking i might get a bigger hard drive since it has been a few years and the 1 TB that i have now is getting nearly was thinking of a 2 TB. would my computer be faster? or maybe i should just get a external hard drive and move excess files to it and just format my 1 TB and reorganize my files? how long do hard drives usually last? how depends?

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    A larger hard drive won't make your computer run faster. You will just have more storage space available. If you want a more responsive system, consider installing an SSD. SSDs are faster than hard drives and SSHDs.SSHDs primarily work by caching your most frequently used files in the flash storage portion of the drive and the rest of the data is stored on the HDD. SSHDs never really became popular.

  • Bill-M
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    Only if your going from a Mechanical Hard Drive to a Solid State Hard Drive.

  • Anónimo
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    Get an SSD. It's that simple.

  • Scott
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    Bigger hard drives do not make your computer faster, unless it’s a solid-state boot drive.

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