how to play a 45 record on the computer?

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    USB turntables are available, they come with software to transfer to your computer, they are often used to archive your music, but can also be used to play music as normal.

    Fuente(s): use "USB turntable" in Google, Amazon or Ebay
  • hace 3 meses

    you need to have a record player and to record the record by connecting the output of the record player to the input of the computer. The wires on most record players use RCA plugins so you need a wire that has RCA on one end and an adapter that converts to an eight inch stereo connector to the input of your computer sound chip. You can use the fee program Audacity to convert the sound signal to a wave file or an MP 3 file to play on your computer.

  • Adrian
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    hace 3 meses

    There are some record players that can save the audio to a USB stick (or SD memory stick). Once you record the audio, you can transfer the USB stick to your computer and listen to the music.

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    hace 3 meses

    you need a 45 player with an audio output (headphones or aux cable).

    connect to your computer's aux input (NOT mic input).

    you may need a capture box if you have a laptop.

    you can record an mp3 if you get Audacity.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 3 meses

    You'll need one or more adapters. If you are lucky enough to have left and right audio inputs on your computer and line-level outputs on your stereo, you might get away with a simple RCA-to-whatever-your-computer-has cable. But it's not always that simple. Here's a thorough guide (with suggested products) from B&H Photo:

    "How to Record Vinyl Records into a Computer"

  • Anónimo
    hace 3 meses

    Get a phono preamp to connect to your turntable and feed it to the line in jack on the PC. 

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