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Why don't troll accounts get suspended anymore??

I had some idiot get mad at me and reported all my questions about 6 years ago and my account was closed FOREVER.  I had to create a new one.  Now, Trolls like "Ben" get reported 25 times a day and their account is still there????

What does it take to get a troll suspended?  I know he would just create another account, but that is a lot more work for him.

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    You're right. Ben and Graham get reported many times a day, lots of times by me, but they're still here. It's not fair

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    I think Yahoo has simply written off this raging dumpster fire known as "Yahoo Answers".  They still have the report buttons to give users the illusion that there is still something even remotely resembling "customer support" at the other end...but I doubt there's anyone still there to look at the incoming reports, and of course nothing gets done about them.  The beginning of the end was when Yahoo removed users' ability to move deliberately miscategorized troll questions.  Now it's reached the point where Yahoo probably realizes that their platform has completely devolved into a seething troll pit and instead of dealing with the monster they've created, they are instead taking the "Well, let's just pretend this never happened and never speak of it again" approach.

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    When Yahoo suspends an email account it IS.NOT BANNED. Yahoo has NEVER banned Otis banned email accounts

    When an email account is suspended, it is BLOCKED from accessing and participating on YA. You CAN appeal account suspensions. You still can appeal account suspensions today

    If you win the appeal, the block is.removed and the email account is reactivated. I did that multiple times for 2 email accounts.

    Once you create a new email account. Appealing an account suspension is pointless.

    People are no longer reporting troll questions and answers.enough times to delete the questions and answers from the YA display.If the SAME device using the same email address reports more than 20 questions and answers in a 7 day period, the antistalking software kicks in and additional reports from that email account and device are ignored by the server computers. Very likely no one is trusted reporter anymore. Too many people false reported and cheated to get their high trust ratings.

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    Speaking from personal experience......you have to REALLY be bending over backwards these days  to get suspended. 

    Either posting really crude, vile stuff...........porn,  racist nonsense......or you can PROVE someone is just hassling the living crap out of you. 

    My stalker's been  busting my balls for the last 4 years here.....and it use to be relatively easy to get him suspended, by reporting the abuse. 

    But over the years,  moderation here has changed......I file dozens of reports, and NOTHING happens.   But then he usually goes OVERBOARD   and gives me plenty of ammo, and eventually he crosses the line, where Yahoo has no choice but to suspend him again. 

    But it really takes  A LOT these days, to get anyone at Yahoo to care. 

    Last time........after countless reports got no action......I finally had enough and called  Yahoo offices.......and screamed at enough people until he was immediately suspended. 

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    Accounts ARE still suspended, but just like with getting posts removed, we have no idea what exactly it takes for an account to be suspended. Users with suspended accounts can appeal the suspension (and FYI, user callouts  are violations, as you did in your post). 

    We have no way of knowing if your posts were violations and that's why your account was suspended, or not. Yeah, sometimes a user will target an account and do what they can to get that account removed, which is why keeping your YA activity private is a plus for some, and ensuring that violations aren't being posted (so any posts that are removed are more likely to be successfully reinstated). 

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    Depending on what Rule they are Breaking some Rules it will take a lot Longer for them to get Suspended they probably are not breaking a Rule Big Enough to get them Suspended Fast Enough

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    Dude, I had an account for 10 years and like looked at it almost daily, at least weakly. They suspended it with no warning and no way to get it back. They didn't even warn me that I was doing anything wrong and to stop it. Just out of the blue, had to make a new account and redo my email address to folks who had my old one.

    I mean it was getting cluttered anyway and it's nice to have a new slate, but still.

    Sometimes I want to ask silly questions and get a silly answer for entertainment. People on yahoo answers are no fun, a lot of the times.

    It is unfair and the internet isn't a democracy. People are unfair and quite frankly those in charge swing the ban hammer inconsistently. We see a lot of toxic people that have the mentality of "screw you for standing up for yourself" and are just filled with hate.

    They have the right to say it, freedom of speech. Still though, I think some of this is people just spewing emotional vomit with no real rhyme or reason.

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