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Outside kitchen Island?

We are in process of a kitchen remodel.  I've got the old island in basement an we have thought about doing a island outside. I know the marble will be fine. The Island is wood its not partical or that sawdust board.  Would it be ok or something I can do to protect it.  It Would go under a room that hangs over t h e patio.  So its not in direct rain.  The patio never gets water on it unless you put it there.

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    Make sure it is treated with preservative all over, inside and out, and stand it a fraction off the ground (eg on aluminium levelling feet) so it can't draw water up. But it should be fine, especially if under cover.

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    Being outside it is going to be exposed to more moisture so you need to have all of the surfaces protected with paint or something like Thompsons water seal.


    I know you say it won't get wet but I would still raise it up an inch or so from the concrete to be sure it doesn't wick any moisture from the concrete. You should be able to do that with just some large wood screws on the bottom.

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    If you want it to last outside, I would seal the base with a good water seal just for peace of mind. The ground is going to get wet, sooner or later (driving rain, perhaps).  Also, you might think about raising it a couple of inches on a brick or masonry base.

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