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What is the caused of the problem of a PC cannot boot?

I have a custom build PC with mini itx motherboard with intel 4460 processor. 500W psu and 8 Gb of RAM, EVGA GTX 960 VGA card. It doesnt boot and the monitor shows blank screen. But the psu and the case fans runs.....

Updated 2 days ago:

I have replaced the Psu with a new one but the problem remains.....

What part of the PC is problematic?

Updated 2 days ago:

All fans run fine including the fan on the cooler...


Sometimes it boots and shows a windows 10 logo but it hangs and the power dies....

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  • hace 1 mes

    Try pulling the video card out of the system, then boot up with the video cable plugged into the motherboard's I/O slot.

    Try testing with 1 stick of RAM at a time. Test each stick.

    O.S. could be corrupt or you could have a severe driver issue. Have you tried booting into Safe Mode? Have you tried to reinstall the O.S.?

    Many people point to the Power supply being the issue but it rarely ever is. The GTX 960 draws 120w-140w while gaming, the Core i5-4460 will draw up to 60w-65w at the most, and maybe another 100w for the rest of the system. You'll rarely ever see your system draw 300w. A 500w power supply is fine. A 650w-750w unit is suitable for a high end graphics card. 

  • if may be your power supply

  • Norm F
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    hace 3 meses

    With those symptoms the cause is mostly RAM.

    If you have more than 1x RAM cards the try 1 at a time to prove


  • P
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    hace 3 meses

    Considering you replaced the PSU the second most likely point of failure is the video card. Considering how old it is I would say that's what it probably is.  

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  • hace 3 meses

    please see you mobo's owner's manual. it is online if lost.

  • keerok
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    If you see the BIOS each time you boot, the problem is windows. If windows is not yet installed, it's the installer. If windows is already installed, it's windows.

    If you don't see the BIOS at all, suspect the video card. If you hear a lot of beeps right after turning on, suspect RAM. You can check the pattern of beeps to a list of beep codes for your type of BIOS (Award, AMI, etc.). Running fans and a dead monitor can also happen if the processor is dead. To check, take out the heatsink/fan/cooler and boot. Feel the processor. If it stays cold, it's dead.

  • hace 3 meses

    Could be that the 500W psu isn't quite enough for a PC with a GTX960.

    Are you hearing any beeps when you boot the computer? If so that could indicate what is wrong.

    I would try booting up without the graphics card, just to see if that is the problem. Just start it up with the GTX removed, using the motherboard built-in graphics. If that starts up ok, then the problem might be that you need more wattage, maybe a 650W PSU.

    If that doesn't work... well, it could be a number of things. If sometimes it won't start up at all, then it probably isn't a hard drive or boot sector issue, because then it would always start up and then have problems.

    So my guess, if it isn't the power supply (and I suspect that it is...), would be a hardware issue with the motherboard as the next likely reason.

  • Anónimo
    hace 3 meses

    please check the Start and the Reset

    plugins on the mobo, they may be shorted

    at the connectors

    At startup try to go into BIOS and see

    the settings

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