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Please help, need advice!! I am being copied online!! ?

Hi so I need a bit of advice, basically I have a YouTube channel where I post covers, and as a small youtuber I have been meeting other people on YouTube, there’s this one girl who also makes covers, And she has been copying me, firstly she has done 3 songs that I have done, I play the piano and she recently uploaded her playing the piano and singing the same song I done,  I recently done an original and 2 days later, she did too, I’ve put a certain text on my videos, she has too, she has copied my thumbnails, she is also changed the way she sings recently, making her voice very soft like mine, she has changed her background similar to mine, with lights in the background, We both started just over 3 weeks ago, she has 62 subscribers and I have 586, and over 5.3k views, she usually gets about 100 at the most, is she copying me because she sees my channel growing? Or does it seem like she is trying to compete? We leave nice comments on each others channels to be supportive but the copying is getting ridiculous now, I’m going to be putting an outro on my videos, so I’m going to see if she does that as well and if she does I don’t know if I should say anything... she is 14 and I am 18, could it be that she looks up to me? I’m not really sure if I should be offended or take it as a compliment, but it’s getting annoying as I feel she is using me to get views and grow her channel, what would you suggest? 


Please only comment if you have advice on what I should do, I don’t need comments saying I’m copying, because I’m not, yeah I’m using songs other people wrote but I’m changing them and making them different from the original and she is trying to do my versions of the song

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    Copyright strike the impersonator’s channel dumbass

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    What're your channel names? I might need some context to be able to give advice.

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    This is a delicate situation and before you act upon it, you must be 100% sure all of the material YOU post is actually yours. So, for example, those thumbnails you use, are they yours? Did you make them yourself? Did she actually took your video or does she just mimics your approach? The music you are using, is it something YOU composed yourself? You said you made 'covers', now most of the time 'covers' are other variants of existing songs, so I would say you didn't made that music on your own, even if you play it on your own, the lyrics and the melodies are also not owned by you. In my regards I think you have little chance of putting out a copyright claim towards YouTube, since most of your material is not even yours. This is not to dis-encourage you, but these are the facts regarding YouTube. I recently had 2 video's removed from other YouTubers who bluntly stole my video, which was really MY video, with music from the YouTube Audio Library, which is free. But the video was mine, so I filled a complaint with YouTube about video theft and later on both of them were removed. In short - Be sure your video's are completely yours including all material you are using, or material that is free to use (like the songs in the YouTube Audio Library).

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    whats ur yt and just tell her to stop stop being 2 nice

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    Well really you can’t do anything about it because you don’t have rights to the songs but you can call her out like people did with morgz coping mr. 


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    I have a youtube channel.

    Frankly I don't want other people to copy, and repost any of my videos. I say my name each of my videos. I put in the time to make my videos. I don't take someone else's videos, and change them then call it my own. I make my own unique videos, and then I post it online.

    I know people can make duplicates of youtube videos. Yes, I admit that I do this, but it's, for my own pleasure, education, and reference. I don't repost any of the videos that I take online from other people, and then call it my own. I certainly don't modify any of the videos that I take from youtube. The videos that I take from youtube are just, for me.

  • hace 3 meses

    i would talk to youtube about it

  • martin
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    hace 3 meses

    In the field of the arts, copyrights have to be established by strict standards. In you-tube videos and music, copyright law usually does not apply because most artists are amateur.

  • Pearl
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    maybe you can change your user name on there

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    Since your entire angle is copying (AKA covering) other people, I'm not sure you have much of a legitimate complaint. The songs aren't yours, and pianos and lights are not exactly a rarity in musical performances. And a soft voice? Uhhh, okay.

    She probably *is* getting ideas from you, but you're getting ideas from other people, too. Maybe create a bit of distance from her, because what can you say? I don't appreciate you copying me copying other people?

         ***I did give you advice, and you are in fact copying other people's songs. I don't care that you're doing it, but they might. Covers are fine and good with permission from the owner and royalty fees paid. You don't mention any of that, so I have no idea if you're doing it.

    And ...Consider how defensive you're getting about being called out for copying others. You can expect a similar reaction from her if you decide to say something. 

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