Paranormal Event___The missing Pot?

Not long ago, I had a Genuine "Paranormal" experience in MY house. About 2 AM, "Answering the call of nature" I got up and proceeded through the kitchen (in the darkness). When I passed the Dining room door, there was a loud CRASH! like a bucket or big pot had crashed to the floor, right next to me. I then heard the LID roll into the dining room, circle around and clatter to a rest on the floor.

I cursed under my breath, thinking a house guest had set a pot on a chair or something and I knocked it over in the dark.

I turned on the kitchen light, and saw a LARGE PUDDLE of water on the floor--Just as I stepped in it. Must have been 1/2 gallon or more----A circle of 4 feet or so.

I looked for the pot or bucket, but there was NONE to be seen, even the "Lid" did not exist. I mopped up the water and returned to bed---Totally mystified. I still am puzzled.

My Paranormal theory is that one time in the 160 year old history of the house, someone dropped a pot of water and his/her emotional reaction energy caused a small "time wormhole" to open up into MY time for a second or two. The pot and lid stayed in the past time but the water did not------OR the water was part of an atmospheric effect arising from the wormhole--As the puddle was ROUND and not a "Spatter" from a spill. -------Whatever, just the same it is a real MYSTERY.

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