Is the reason Germany controls all of the EU right now because the Central Bank of Europe is in Germany aka Rothschild territory?

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    The Rothschilds are entirely overrated. They're just a Jewish banking family who would never have amounted to anything if they had not lived in Germany. Their personal assets never amounted to the kind of wealth owned by Germany itself: The German Empire is much greater, stretches back to Karl der Gross (Charlemagne) circa 800 AD and, despite the abdication of the Kaiser in 1919, Germany never REALLY went away. Germans panicked and imagined that Germany had ceased to exist, just because the stupid Kaiser abdicated, and Hitler took advantage of their fear and told them he would make Germany great again but, 12 years later, he'd screwed it up and they realised that they didn't need Hitler OR the Kaiser to be great again again. The REAL German Empire is the German people. Russia was successfully taken over by a young German princess named Sophia or Zoe von Anhalt-Zerbst. She became Catherine the Great, just a throne name she took, and was Russia's greatest ruler because, rather than being Russian, she was German. When Queen Ann died in England after putting little feet on cream pitchers, sugar bowls, tables and chairs and naming 23 rabbits after her 23 babies, the German house of Hannover took Britain over in 1715 with George I. They built up the British Empire from 1715 to 1901 marrying Caroline von Anspach died 1737, Augusta von Saxe-Gotha died 1772, Charlotte Sophia von Mecklenburg-Strelitz died 1818, Caroline von Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel died 1821, Adelaide von Saxe-Meiningen died 1849, Victoria von Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld died 1861, and Albert von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha died 1851, the house of Hannover ending in 1901 controlling three- quarters of the world's surface. The House of Lolwing zu Rozmital had a better claim to the Bohemian throne than George Preobrady so George married Joanna Lolwing zu Rozmital and crowned her Queen of Bohemia in 1458 to make peace between the Pope and the Hussites and her brother Jaroslav became friends with Anthony Arnite, brother-in-law of both Edward IV and James V King of Scots and they recruited the kings of England and Scotland, Ferdinand and Isobel of Spain, Louis XI of France, Frederick III of Germany, the Pope, George Preobrady of Bohemia and Vlad Draculea of Romania to launch a new Christian Crusade to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims in 1483. The Duke of Burgundy awarded Jaroslav the Order of the Golden Fleece. But Richard III murdered Edward IV, Edward V, Richard duke of York and Anthony Arnite in 1483 destroying their Crusade and Jaroslav died of shock in 1486. The Lolwings sold out of Rozmital to the Grispachs in the 1520s and leased the old capital of Hannover from the House of Hannover who moved to Celle, tried to retake Bohemia from the Habsburgs at the Battle of White Mountain one hundred years later and, failing, returned to Hannover for two centuries. When the House of Hannover split in 1837 with Victoria becoming Queen of Great Britain and Ernst August duke of Cumberland becoming king at Celle, Gerhardt Heinrich von Lolwing was born at Hannover, 23 miles from Celle, and the Lolwings immigrated to Illinois with the Bussans and founded the Catholic parish of Menominee and, from there, the Royal Blood of Bohemia spread to Wisconsin. Germans spread all over the Earth and, wherever Germans go, they take over and rule. It's hard wired into their Genetics and it is God's will. The Rothschilds were just Jews who were lucky enough to get swept up in the general German ascendancy and hegemony. Look at the Germans and Germany and wake up to Reality. Germans run the banking system and the European Union because they just can't help ruling.

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    Waddesden Manor was raided by travellers

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    Voglio comprare un canguro

    Per mangiarlo vivo

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    Probably more to do with its large population and the fact that its economy received the most rebuilding capital under the Marshall Plan.

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    Germany doesn't control the EU.

    The headquarters of the EU are in Belgium, not Germany.

    The Central Bank of Europe is not controlled by the Rothschild family.

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    Germany controls the EU because it's by far the largest and richest EU country.


    Germany is the richest EU country because Germans save their money – uber-bigly.


    Germans save their money because they have a surfeit of common sense. Capisce?

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