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Babysitting a little girl, age 4, advice ?

I'm 27 and not exactly a girly guy in the sense I don't know what they like to do, etc.

Friday night with a 4 year old, gosh the things I do for money. lol. 

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    Be prepared to:

    Play with dolls; have a tea party (where you sit beside her teddy bear at a mini sized table and drink water (or a soft drink if you're lucky) out of tiny toy cups; Have your hair re-styled and clown like makeup applied by a 4yo; Sing and dance along to Barney tunes.

    If you don't want to do the above:

    Take along modelling clay/ play dough; coloring book/pencils (or ask her folks if she has these already); 

    Teach her to make a paper airplane and then have a contest to see which one flies further.

    Play outside with her;

    Hide and seek - hide her stuffed animals (in areas she can access) and let her hunt for them;

    When she's tired read her a fairy tale - do funny voices to keep it interesting.

    Make shadow puppets.

    You may end up doing all of the above - a 4yo has a ±15min attention span.

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    I'd never trust my daughter to a 27 yo guy. 

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