Question about a scene from an old Greek film ?

Question about an old Greek song from a Greek film?


I really like Greek language and culture and have some basic knowledge of Greek.

In old Greek films it was very typical that there is a scene in a bar/restaurant where a famous singer performs, thanks to these scenes we can nowadays see archive footage of many Greek singers from the past.

I would need some help with this scene from a Greek film from the late 1960s. There is first a scene where a boy tells perhaps a very sad story to two friends, they all start crying. After that in a bar we see one of the best Greek singers of that era Giannis Poulopoulos performing a beautiful and sad song with a woman, after that two men enter the bar and speak with the woman, probably they tell her some bad news because she also starts crying. This whole sequence has a specific sad and tragic vibe. Could a Greek native speaker please give some more context - what does the boy say to his friends and what do the two men say to the woman?

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