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Why is Cristiano Ronaldo heavily underestimated?

Alright, I decided to post this question after noticing the last period during the quarantine times, a lot of famous footballers and ex-athletes spoke up a lot of sh*t about Ronaldo. How he is second to Messi, and never been even close. Some examples are Beckham, Rooney, Vieri (who even said R9 is a lot better than CR7, which is not untrue, but that's not what I am arguing here). My point is why does the guy get a lot of **** even tho he proved enough times what an outstanding player he is.

For the love of God, does nobody realize how tremendously difficult is for a 1.87m  tall guy to dribble as good as Cristiano? And yet if you take a look back at his 2011/12 or 2012/13 season you will not find a more complete player. This has been seriously thrown aside all these years of debating who's the true GOAT. The guy is getting older, and so is Messi, it's clear as day to everyone, even Ronaldo himself is well aware that he is way past his prime and will never perform as well as back in his days, but yet he refuses to give up and still pushes to decorate his career with few more trophies before retiring.  

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    Even his biggest haters know how good he was in his prime, and he has 5 Ballon d'Ors to show it. People just like to make a meal out of the fact somebody who's been a Top 2 player in the world consistently for the past 15 years is finally starting to show signs of decline. He's still a world-class player and any team in the world would improve with him in the team. Using Messi as a measuring stick is like using the Burj Khalifa as a guideline for building new houses.

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