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Covid-19 travel restrictions ?

I have my significant other in Phoenix Arizona. I’m in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles in California. I was wondering if there’s any state-to-state , travel restrictions right now. I couldn’t find any clear answers on google search. 

Would they let him cross the state border if it’s not essential ? Or would they basically tell him to turn around and go back to Phoenix ? 

Thank you for your answers 

& have a good one & be safe & healthy !!

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    There are no travel restrictions within the US. Your significant other should easily be able to drive into San Fernando Valley! Stay safe and take care! :)

  • hace 6 meses

    You mean travel restrictions other than the 'stay at home' order that Arizona issued ten days ago? The one that says stay at home except for essential reasons? Travel to another state to see a friend or relative, unless that friend or relative needs help coping with everyday survival and cannot find anyone locally, is not essential.

    A few states are checking at their borders. As of today, California and Arizona are not among them. That could change any time. Currently, you don't have to quarantine after entering California and only have to do so in Arizona after coming from certain other states, none of them California. That could change at any time too. Is your SO prepared to stay in California for the next 3 or 4 months, or more, if things really get shut down?

    If a friend of mine said they wanted to visit me now, come from another place to do it, I'd tell them not to. I'd tell them I think it would be a stupid and inconsiderate thing to do. I can't think why anyone would travel now if they didn't have to. The less people move around, the slower this thing will spread and that will save lives because medical care won't be stretched beyond the limits of giving everyone the best care.

  • hace 6 meses

    I don't think there are any restrictions; but you'd need to quarantine once you arrived.

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    I've not heard of any in those states, and I wouldn't expect them anytime soon. But to be abundantly cautious, it would be better not to travel to anyplace that you're unwilling or unable to get stranded in.

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