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I’m so bored in my house and have nothing to do! I get to bored watching tv reading or even drawing! I’m done with cleaning so what should I do? Plz whoever has some ideas on what I could do to not be so bored plz reply!

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    Learn to make cookies.

    look at recipes, make a list of ingredients. Even if you don't bake anything now, it gives you an idea for later.

    Make a bucket list.  Everything you would like to in your lifetime. Sign and date it.  See if you can do any of those things now?  Can you plan some of them?

    I want to go to on an Alaskan vacation. I've made a list of cruise ships. I could leave from Seattle, Vancouver, or fly to Anchorage and cruise back to  Seattle or Vancouver.  I've discovered a scenic train ride through a national park. I'm writing down contact information, dates it's open, and the cost. It will cost about $3,000 per person. So, it will take a minimum of 6 months of savings, but probably longer. 


    There's my goal. I'm still finding out what documentation I will need. passports? And what other activity will my family what to do? My son humors me. Sure mom, let's go zip-lining in Alaska, it's only $150 per person.  

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    Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Fit

    1. Eat Right. Healthier choices: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and fish.

    2. Drink Milk. Milk is not just for children.

    3. Take a Walk or Jog.

    4. Fitness Centre / Gymnasium. Minimum 4 days a week.

    5. Engage in some Sports.

    6. Limit the Intake of Soft Drinks/Carbonated Drinks

    7. Stay Connected with others.

    8. Have a positive attitude.

    9. Don’t forget to pray.

    10. Always keep a happy disposition.

    For more info: 

    facebook- M. A. Aziz

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    Get yourself a good book or 3 to read. The libraries are closed, but I'm sure you can find plenty of them on the web! One of my old time hero's said "If a man empties his purse into his head, nobody can take it from him."

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    Participate in a hobby you don’t usually partake in. If there are video games in your house but you’re not a gamer than try to become one. If there are weights in your house work out. Also yeah I read that an hour of physical activity helps you be less bored so if you haven’t gone on a walk this week do it soon. 

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    Do what a lot of people are doing:  binge watch. HBO is giving out a bunch of shoes to binge like the sopranos, six feet under, beep, true blood. It’s also offering some movies like detective pikachu. 

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