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When will the USA win the world cup?

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  • hace 3 semanas

    The team is slowly improving. The current team are much better than the USA team before 1994 world cup. They need to establish themself to be among the elite team in football. Only time will decide when they can win the world cup.

  • Woody
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    hace 3 meses

    The hosts tend to do well in world cups so when they co host it in 2026 they will have a chance,Russia did well this last world cup so there is no reason why USA can't go as far, obviously you need some luck like holding off a big team then going for penalties like Russia did against Spain!

    Mexico will be good i would say as well but for USA 2026 at the earliest 

  • hace 3 meses

    time...for...a...vape  ^_^


    USA could do a 'Greece'  one day,  I have a feeling they'll invest and re-build a side capable of being stubborn and hard to beat, very physically strong and fit and organised.  Not realy flair packed, but just effective.

    Sad thing is, if they DID win the WC - would the nation celebrate it properly or would they be too busy watching Nascar, NBA, etc lol ?

    btw folks - We are Liverpool and we are the Champions of England :-D

  • hace 4 meses

    They have a talent gap right now.  If the younger, mainly European based, players continue to develop and stay healthy and new talent emerges, then they have a chance to do well in 2026.  More likely we're talking 2030 as the best case though.

    Of course, with the format changing we'll have to wait and see what that means.  Less chance for error and more chance for luck in the early rounds for sure.  

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  • Anónimo
    hace 4 meses

    Start treating football/soccer with the same importance as basketball, track and field, NFL etc, only then they might have a chance.

  • jimmy
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    hace 5 meses

    The Women's team has won it, but I can't see the men's team winning it in the near future. Some countries that are far better than the USA such as Portugal, Holland or Belgium have never won it.

  • hace 5 meses

    when they host in 2026

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