What is your favorite entree?

I am partial to Mozzarella Sticks, but I also like Onion Rings.

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  • You must be European. 

    In the U.S appetizers are the precourse, and entrees are the main. 

    Can you imagine what confusion that can be? 

    Anyways, calamari, or a bread and dip such as crab, buffalo chicken or spinach and artichoke. 

    I usually skip that part though because I don't like consuming a lot of food. 

  • hace 8 meses

    Those are not entrees.

    I'll have the 2-inch-thick pork chop, if you don't mind.

  • hace 8 meses

    My favorite is deviled eggs.

  • hace 8 meses

    Well, the good Ol' chicken hot n' sour soup.

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  • GF
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    hace 8 meses

    I like Freshly made bean salad with jalapeno, olives and pickles.

    I haven't had Mozzarella Sticks in over 15 years. I had onion rings a few years ago when I ordered fish and chips.

    I used to love jalapeno poppers.

    Entree is the main dish. Appetizers come before the entree

  • hace 8 meses

    A large serving of salmon steak

  • hace 8 meses

    scallops cooked to perfection…….………..

  • hace 8 meses

    Where I'm from those are appetizers. My favorite entrée, i.e., main course is a rib eye steak cooked medium.

    Update: In American English the first definition of entrée is: the main course of a meal and the second definition is: the right to enter or join a particular sphere or group.

    You can't even spell "entrée" right.

  • hace 8 meses

    fried bats wings    

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