If God is TESTING all Humans with FAITH in Him, Wouldn't God be CHEATING if He revealed Himself to someone who does not have FAITH in Him?


Why would He communicate with someone who does not believe in Him? Why would He reveal Himself to someone who does not have Faith in Him. So those who keep asking "Why don't God show any kind of proof of His existence" And other such questions they ask. ready for the answer? Because He is not a CHEATER.

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    God doesn't test ALL humans at the same time.  I might be further on in the faith than you are or vice versa. God tests who He wishes when and where and if He wishes.

    God doesn't reveal Himself to mannkind anyway, because God is a Spirit (John 4:24) and of course He is invisible, so we would not be able to see Him anyway with our human eyes.  However, God in Christ does reveal Himself to folks occasionally - if He wants them saved. He does so in their dreams and visions, and they wake up KNOWING that they have met the risen Christ their Saviour - and it changes them.  It must be wonderful to meet Jesus that way.  However, we can't complain because we have Holy Spirit with us ALWAYS.  He even lives in us if we are true born again Christians and He continually guides us into all truth.  That's how Jesus can say, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" because He remains with us always by His Holy Spirit, which is given to us by God if we obey Him (Acts 5:32) 

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    We think in imperfect human terms but our creator can read our hearts and DNA 2 Cor 3;1-6 Ps 139;1;24

    Fuente(s): Bible 2Cor 3;1-6 Ps 139;1-24
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