In A Man Called Horse, what happened between Yellow Hand, Black Eagle & THorn Rose?

After Horse and Yellow Hand were married, one day, Horse came out of his tent to hear Yellow Hand Wailing, and Black Eagle was holding up something and turning around on one spot. What was going on between Yellow Hand, Black Eagle & Thorn Rose?

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    It was the custom in that Indian tribe that if your husband or brave was killed that all of your property got pilfered in divided amongst the tribe the woman was whaling because her dead husband's clothing was held up and she was grieving not only because her husband had been killed but because she knew that her tint would be pilfered by the tribe

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    You might do better reposting your question in movies. There's at least one user there who seems able to answer nearly every question that interests him.

    I saw this so long ago I don't even remember the scene you're wondering about. Sorry.

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