Now that Black Lightning is in the Arrowverse, where do their powers come from?

I watched Black Lightning briefly when it first came out, wasn't impressed, and ignored it. After Crisis, it's now technically a part of the Arrowverse.

On Earth-1 almost every meta's origin is tied to the STAR Labs particle accelerator explosion. Earth-38's powered people generally have some level of extra-terrestrial connection (not all).

Does Black Lightning similarly have any kind of theme for where it's powers originate? I briefly skimmed the wiki on him and he got it from a … vaccine??? Which sounds like anti-vaxxer propaganda. I'm hoping that's not quite right.

So where do the characters of the show generally get their powers, and the titular character in particular? Various independent science experiments or is there one thread they all derive from or what?

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    It was basically a government attempt at creating super soldiers.  They tested it on kids in Freeland, a poor black neighborhood, in the 1980s, and passed the super-soldier serum off as a vaccine.  This is how Black Lightning got his powers as did a few of his generation.  Many of them were unstable and put into stasis, although the government did use a few as strike teams for a while.  It apparently impacted his DNA since his daughters inherited powers.  The ASA, the same clandestine government agency, resumed their human testing a few years ago (in season 1 of the series), this time distributing their serum in the form of a street drug called Green Light.  Some users got powers, others died, and a few were unaffected.  And many who got powers were again unstable.  In many cases their powers killed them.  This season is focusing on the attempts to stabilize them.

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