¿Cuales son sus mejores metal/hard rock albums de 1989?

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  • Kevin
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    hace 8 meses
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    Aquí te dejo mi top 10.

    1ª Pixies - Doolittle.

    2ª Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever.

    3ª Faith No More - The Real Thing.

    4ª Nirvana - Bleach.

    5ª The Cult - Sonic Temple.

    6ª Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mother's Milk.

    7ª Neil Young - Freedom.

    8ª Mötley Crüe - Dr. Feelgood.

    9ª The Stone Roses - The Stones Roses.

    10ª Mudhoney - Mudhoney.

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  • hace 8 meses

    Envio una lista donde puede escoger

    dr feelgood MOTLEY CRUE    

    skid row SKID ROW    

    beneath the remains SEPULTURA    

    headless children WASP    

    headless cross BLACK SABBATH    

    trash ALICE COOPER    

    slip of the tongue WHITESNAKE    

    practise what you preach TESTAMENT    

    years of decay OVERKILL    

    pump AEROSMITH    

    conspiracy KING DIAMOND    

    the great radio conspiracy TESLA    

    alice in hell ANNIHILATOR    

    blessing in disguise METAL CHURCH    

    eat the heat ACCEPT    

    d.r.f.s.t WARRANT    

    the real thing FAITH NO MORE    

    louder than love SOUNDGARDEN    

    when dream and day unite DREAM THEATER    

    extreme agression KREATOR    

    hot in the shade KISS    

    mean machine UDO    

    death or glory RUNNING WILD    

    fabulous disaster EXODUS    

    slowly we rot OBITUARY    

    altars of madness MORBID ANGEL    

    handle with care NUCLEAR ASSAULT    

    prime evil VENOM    

    no more colors CORONER    

    agent orange SODOM    

    thrash zone DRI    

    piece of time ATHEIST    

    annihilation principle LAAZ ROCKIT    

    realm of chaos BOLTHROWER    

    symphonies of sickness CARCASS    

    wake me when it's over FASTER PUSSYCAT    

    leave scars DARK ANGEL    

    presto RUSH    

    twice shy GREAT WHITE    

    in search of sanity ONSLAUGHT    

    tales of creation CANDLEMASS    

    follow the blind BLIND GUARDIAN    

    face of euphoria MORTAL SIN    

    nothing face VOI VOD    

    gross misconduct MOD    

    sensorial treatment LOUDBLAST    

    fright night STRATOVARIUS    

    big game WHITE LION    

    deliverance DELIVERANCE    

    extreme EXTREME    

    mr big MR BIG    

    annihilation of civilisation EVIL DEAD    

    consuming impulse PESTILENCE    

    sonic temple THE CULT    

    V ST VITUS    

    en attendant TRUST    

    penikufesin ANTHRAX    

    gutter bullet SAVATAGE   

    bleach NIRVANA   

    the miracle QUEEN   

    symmetry FATS WARNING   

    dreamwaver SABBAT   

    controlled by hatred/feel like **** SUICIDAL TENDENCIES  

    world downfall TERRORIZER 

    a holocaust in your head EXTREME NOISE TERROR 

    mudhoney MUDHONEY

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