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Do they shave the area before doing a tattoo? ?

I plan to get a tattoo on my upper arm (where there is basically just peach fuzz).  Do they have to shave it first?  What if I decide to get it on my leg (which is very hairy)?

Also, how long will I need to protect the tattoo from water, etc?  What type of care will it require while it is new?


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    the artist will shave the area before applying the stencil and tattooing. you need to clean your new tattoo 3 times a day with warm soapy water, but don't submerge it fully (in a bath or go swimming) until it is fully healed, depending on how fast your skin heals this could be between 2-4 weeks

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    Not sure what your question is for us.

  • Pearl
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    hace 12 meses

    i would ask the tattoo place about it

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