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Did climate change destroy Atlantis? Are the ruins of the city buried beneath the ice sheets of Greenland?

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    A tsunami destroyed Atlantis, the remnants of which are the Richat Eye in Mauritania.  It matches Plato's description to a T.

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    no, it sunk as a result of the worldwide Flood of the biblical era. they were sinners and heathens, all...

  • hace 9 meses

    Atlantis is the Azores. Except for a few, unresearched megaliths and ancient coins, no evidence exists due to tectonic movement and volcanism of the midatlantic ridge that bisects the island. The round shape of the Azores, and its existence beyond the horns of Gibraltar (aka Pillars of Melchart) bear out the description by Plato. Tunisia, North Africa, called Carthage in the 1st century, BC, was founded by the Phoenicians (who were known as the people of the sea....which is the same name that modern people of the Azores use). The Azores were on Chinese maps before the Portuguese found the islands.

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    Climate change is a hoax

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  • hace 9 meses

    Atlantis is a fictional place.

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