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Can my ex stop me from picking my child up from nursery?

So today I was asked to pick up my child from nursery by his mother, me trying to be the civil nice guy said yes. I went to his nursery to pick him up and found out I'm not able to as she said said so. Is she allowed to do that? I am on his birth certificate and haven't done anything that should make them concerned for him when he is with me. I have my children 3-4 days a week and 2-3 nights. Thank you in advance, she's really making me feel like such a bad parent but i try so hard for my children and need to get educated on my rights so I can finally put this to an end. 

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  • hace 3 meses

    From a legal point of view you share parental responsibility for the child with the mother, and you both share all the rights and responsibilities which a parent would have by law over the child. You do therefore have the right to collect the child from the nursery, as does the mother of the child. The child's mother could try to contact the nursery to point out that the grandfather has no legal rights or parental responsibility over the child, and therefore does not have the right to collect him from the nursery, however I would advise you to contact the nursery and to check their policies on this issue, especially if your father is named on the nursery forms.

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  • L
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    hace 7 meses

    It's obvious, she told the nursery to release the child to her only.  If she wants you to pick the child up - then SHE must notify the nursery.

  • hace 9 meses

    She asked you to pick up your child, then said you weren't allowed to?

    Most schools have an approved parent/guardian pick up list, so you need to get your name on it if you are his father and have joint custody of him.

  • KatieC
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    hace 9 meses

    If you never pick him up, she may have just not thought about putting your name on the list. If she didn’t, you can’t pick your son up even if you’re God himself. Think about it, though, that’s a good thing. How many kids wind up kidnapped by people who aren’t good parents? Just ask her to authorize you. I know that must feel crappy, but if she enrolled the child, then she has primary responsibility in the preschool’s eyes. If she refuses to authorize you (which I suspect she won’t since she asked you to pick him up), THEN you have a problem. 

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  • Nathan
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    hace 10 meses

    She is the mother, the child is her responsibility unless proven unable to care for it so she can stop you from seeing him

  • Laurie
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    hace 10 meses

    Yes, she can. The school does this for your child’s protection. You should thank them for following the rules.

    No big deal. She just needs to add your name to the list.

  • Sparky
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    hace 10 meses

    Are you sure it wasn't a misunderstanding?

    I know that you must be designated as a parent or guardian in order for any childcare establishment to release a child into your care.

  • y
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    hace 10 meses

    She can, but you can counter with a court order. If there are no restrictions, she is not suppose to be able to prevent you from doing so, but these places side with caution.

  • P
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    hace 10 meses

    Whomever signed the signup papers at the Daycare has to list "authorized pickups"   If she didn't put you on that list then you can't pick them up.   Ask her to put you on that list.  You can also get a lawyer establish formal joint legal custody in court (which you probably should have done as soon as you split with her)  and then file in court to be an authorized pickup.   You would be extremely likely to succeed in court, but it is expensive and it would be easier if she just put you on the list.  

  • kelvin
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    hace 10 meses

    actually yes she can as long as she tells the place where you pick them up from

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