¿Cuales son sus mejores metal/hard rock albums de 1992?

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  • Kevin
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    hace 8 meses
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    Aquí te dejo mi top 10.

    1ª Alice In Chains - Dirt.

    2ª Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine.

    3ª Blind Melon - Blind Melon.

    4ª Faith No More - Angel Dust.

    5ª R.E.M. - Automatic For The People.

    6ª Stone Temple Pilots - Core.

    7ª L7 - Bricks Are Heavy.

    8ª Pavement - Slanted And Enchanted.

    9ª The Cure - Wish.

    10ª Sonic Youth - Dirty.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 8 meses

    Ayer pase por tu casa

    Me tiraste con un condón

    La próxima ves que pase

    Yo te daré un calzón

    Y tu mama ira desnuda

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  • hace 8 meses

    Envio una lista donde puede escoger

    countdown to extinction MEGADETH

    fear of the dark IRON MAIDEN

    vulgar display of power PANTERA


    images and words DREAM THEATER

    crimson idol WASP

    dehumanizer BLACK SABBATH

    adrenalized DEF LEPPARD

    revenge KISS

    triumph of steel MANOWAR

    march or die MOTORHEAD

    angel dust FAITH NO MORE

    the ritual TESTAMENT

    return of vampires MERCYFUL FATE

    shades of god PARADISE LOST

    rage againt the machine RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE

    night of the stormrider ICED EARTH

    somwhere far beyond BLIND GUARDIAN

    forever free SAXON

    force of habit EXODUS

    renewal KREATOR

    tapping the vein SODOM

    nothings sacred LAAZ ROCKIT

    tomb of the mutilated CANNIBAL CORPSE

    the end complete OBITUARY

    soul of a new machine FEAR FACTORY

    utopia banished NAPALM DEATH

    signs of the decline MASSACRA

    towards beyond AGRESSOR

    murder one KILLERS

    extreme condition demands extreme response BRUTAL TRUTH

    the 4th crusade BOLTHROWER

    abject offerings MERCYLESS

    beyond the crimson horizon SOLITUDE AETURNUS

    pile of skull RUNNING WILD

    dog eat dog WARRANT

    legion DEICIDE

    a bone for the burnt offerings idol SKYCLAD

    diabolical fullmoon mysticism IMMORTAL

    def ini tion DRI

    stone cold sober TANKARD

    america's least wanted UGLY KID JOE

    fire and ice YNGWIE MALMSTEEN

    chapter VI CANDLEMASS

    the waste lands VENOM

    retribution MLAVOLENT CREATION

    body count BODY COUNT

    the art of rebellion SUICIDAL TENDENCIES

    the way to succeed and the way to suck eggs: psalms 69 MINISTRY

    burzum BURZUM

    3 sides to every story EXTREME

    b sides ourselves SKID ROW

    danzig III DANZIG

    big band VULCAIN

    keep the faith BON JOVI

    incesticide NIRVANA

    the law EXHORDER

    Twilight time STRATOVARIUS

    clouds TIAMAT

    pathogenic ocular disonance TOURNIQUET

    slay of execution DELIVERANCE

    released upon the earth VENGEANCE RISING

    souls at zero NEUROSIS

    manic frustration TROUBLE

    the ultimate incantation VADER

    La sexorcisto:devil music volume on WHITE ZOMBIE

    onward to Golgotha INCANTATION

    opiate TOOL

    epidemic of violence DEMOLITION HAMMER


    origin of the fèces TYPE O NEGATIVE

    soul sacrifice CATHEDRAL

    as the flowers Withers MY DYING BRIDE

    the karelian isthmus AMORPHIS

    penetralia HYPOCRISY

    the red is the sky is ours AT THE GATES

    broken NINE INCH NAILS

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